Sample: from pages 150/151

Outside, the day grew darker so did the uninviting sea, yet the air was heavy and sultry. The sound of the sea and wind now was loud and hollow as it screamed about their heads which made verbal contact almost impossible, although Bolmer needed to go to the bows briefly. Signalling Ros to come to his side and with her doing so, he yelled into her ear. “I’ve got to go forward to release some spars, can you take the wheel”.

She bravely agreed coming from behind him as he moved across to the wheel house door. Glancing back at her, she nodded her head and smiled. Bolmer’s bulkiness might have helped him along the uneven and swaying deck, falling side ways a number of times, he arrived at the bows, immediately throwing himself on the tack which he manhandled for some while, finally, he looked back to the wheel house where to his astonishment he perceived Ros trying to address him. What was wrong, he could do nothing at that moment but she continued voicing something to which he couldn’t hear but her reasoning steadfastly continued. He tried to observe her and do the task he’d come forward to do but she continued shaping her silent words. It was then he realised she was praying. His mission completed, he managed to lurch back along the deck of the swaying Beryl at that moment still with power.

Back inside the wheel house and smiling at Ros in acknowledgment of her contribution, he took her place. They both remained silent for a short period stood side by side until Bolmer leaned near Ros saying. “God has hidden his face lady”.

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